My Cats

I have two cats,  they names is Kucing and Putih. I now they names are strangers. Because i always call them it’s. They are very beautiful. They colours is same it’s yellow and white. Kucing’s tail is short and Putih’s tail is long. Kucing is fat and Putih is slim. I very Love my cats. They’s like snack,candy and vegetables. Kucing like’s spinach and Putih like’s corn. It’s strangers but it’s very funny. They very smart, they can playing game. Putih says is meow but Kucing is ew,ew,ew,ew,ew. One more i say’s it’s very-very strangers.

My cat Kucing have new two children. They born 20 june 2007. They colour are same too, it’s yellow and white. They name are panjang and pendek because they tail are short and long.


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