Teens have a lot of different hobby. Like reading, playing games, playing the sports etc.


Reading is one of my hobbies. It is a very good hobby, because it can make us become smarter. Many teens like reading, but many teens don’t like this. It is very fun, because we can choose any book what we want to read. I also like read in internet and my hobby is write in internet in my website, my site https://juhaida.wordpress.com and my email juhaidahusna@yahoo.co.id. I open the world with Internet and I travel world in google. I also read in my father’s site http://hbis.wordpress.com

It is can change many teens. May be good teens, may be bad teens. It is can change us to be good teens if we read study book or for open the world book. Many teens don’t like that they prefers read other book to read study book. Reading also can give inspiration for teens from long time ago until nowadays.


Sports have many kinds, like swimming, running, play the volley ball, play the basket ball, etc. Sport is a hobby that can make us healthy. I am very like it, first play the volley ball. Although, I can’t play the volley ball complete, but I think playing volley ball is very good.


All people like playing, like me. Playing has a lot of kinds. Like playing kite, playing marble, playing doll, etc.

I like all of games, but I can’t play all of them, like playing kite. I very want can playing kite, but I can’t fly it.

Many teens like flowers, animals, collection the stamp, collection the cloth, etc. Teens have a lot of kinds of hobby nowadays.


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